king electric


Wem reiner Soul zu langweilig ist, die Achtziger Jahre zu brav und aufgeblasen, Hip Hop zu plakativ, Punk zu schmutzig, House zu hip, Electronica zu verbastelt und Funk zu schwer ist, der wird all diese Elemente beim King Electric-Album gleichen Namens in abgewandelter, auf der Höhe von Unterhaltungsgrad und Dreistigkeit in einer kongenialen Schnittmenge wieder finden. [Soultrain | Germany]
No LSD trip could be more color- and beautiful. King Electric presents "Out Of Reach" a royal Psychedlic track that swaggers between retro sounds and postmodernism. Glorious! [Disco Boheme | Germany]
Successful combination of 60 'psychedelic and electro. Pretty Things masterpiece "S.F.Sorrow" and Rolling Stones "2000 Light Years From Home" fused with sounds a la Kruder and Dorfmeister![Deutsche Trend Charts | Germany]
Peter Hartwig and Chris Isepp are Viennese electronic veterans and conjure their debut full-length on Top10 Records. The album is full of movie samples and Marx Brothers dialogues. Musically it sounds in the slow parts like Tosca, the fast trax are more like Depeche Mode and Superfly on testosterone. The B-side is way better part: good quality cinema. [Vice Magazine | Austria]
King Electric mixing various ingredients such as electronica, funk, disco and B-movie soundtracks and create a eclectic, kaleidoscopic pop album. A pop freak show as glamorous and entertaining as the famous Vienna Prater, whose legendary "Armdrücker" graces the cover (and also served as a namesake). [Der Medienkonverter | Germany]
For years, these fellas are rocking the cool dancefloors with their heavy electro-disco-funk. Debut CD includes everything you need: 1st disco hit "Da King", funk smasher "Commit Yourself ", the soul-stomper "Paralyzed " and surprise, surprise: the hippie psychedelic single "Out Of Reach". [Kurier Newspaper | Austria]
The King Electric debut album is a collection of interesting influences. Recorded in Barcelona, it breathes as well a certain lightness of the south. [Byte FM | Germany]
The colorful, entertaining and beautifully produced debut album of King Electric. Peter Hartwig and Chris Isepp show their love for funk, disco, electro-pop and '70s psychedelic - spiced up with movie samples and relaxed, deep grooves. [Radio FM4 | Austria]
Very varied and coherent. Convincing bass lines and well set synthesizers. Groovy! Especially Song 3. [CampusFM | Germany]
Two guys from Vienna, who set out to inspire the dance floors and charts with idiosyncratic Electroid indie charm. [M* Magazin | Austria]
Outstanding work. We LOVE it. Sounds like a turbocharged chase with Bootsy Collins on the backseat. [Rotz Records | Austria]
Déjà encore nouvea toux talents de vienne, grand production!
[Radio Top Side | /France]
King Electric Club Mix is top groove...very cool 8/10! More dubbed out groove like this...make the world a better place..!! [Kiss FM | Australia]
Pretty refreshing stuff...sounds like a lot of fun, you also can see it in the video clips. [You FM | Germany]
Commit Yourself is great stuff from King Electric again! It kinda has a Streets of San Francisco style - makes it all sound like a 70's b-movie theme. [Radio FM4 | Austria]
That austrian label comes with 4 mixes of a deephouse-track with a lot of understatement funk and shuffling beats in perfection. [DE:BUG | Germany]
"Summerbreeze" is a fluffy piece of gentle house. The lovely feel of this hyper-pop tune soon had the bad vibes floating away. The "Flying Carpet Mix" is a little more directional and should be a club favorite, with the same lush sounds arranged with more of a kick. A perfect "back to mine" soundtrack. [DJ MAG | UK]
What a great track! With samples from rockers revenge. The track will fit perfect into every late saturday evening session with this laidback sound. [Radio Oslo | Norway]
Es un disco genial, "really cool", en la onda del deep-disco house. Muy buena onda! [Flaix FM | Spain]
Relisted now that we've heard how good it is. Laid back deep-house with an unmistakable 70's sample! Comes with a funked out deephouse-remix and a breaky 2-step mix, plus an instrumental without the bitter sweet vocals. [Groove Dis | USA]
This uniqueness record will definitely brings a great recognition from listeners and will make a standout in today's music industry. [DI Radio | USA]
Without a shadow of doubt summerbreeze. The tracks are exactly what the title suggests. With a filter treatment and sampling MFSB "The Sound of Philadelphia", it's finished in a perfect touch of summer nights. [Jet Set | Japan]
They became famous with their nº1 single "Summerbreeze". Their second hit is different. The new trax are a more electroid and the house rhythm is not as dominant as before. But it has climbed also at the top in Bosnia! [Oksigen FM | Bosnia&Hercegovina]
The new record is great, it's better than "Summerbreeze" was. Faves are the "Nightmare Mix" and the "Upandaway Mix", but the "Original Mix" is wicked too. This really is special stuff! [Tilos Radio | Hungary]
Great! We love their stuff! It must be the sexy scream-sample (could be from King Kong) that makes the "Nightmare Mix" everybody’s darling. Check them out! [K.B.O.O. Radio | USA]
Lovely vocal treatment on the male vocal. It compliments the track very well. Overall the tracks are top shelf, high quality. The huge reverb on the female vocal sits well in the mix. A fav has got to be the "Upandaway Mix", what a dreamy-ness of the intro! Spins in Texas, for sure!!! [95 X Radio | USA]
They arrive the spin of Altroverso with the record of the week! Fascinating electronics dance flavored with a touch of pop and solar sounds. [Radio Altroverso | Italy]
Their new release on top10records. For us the "Original- and the Nightmare Mix" - with a perfect 'YELLO' reminder. Respect! [Waxsessions | Spain]
Great work again! Listen to the rolling 'YELLO'-sample, uaaaaaaa! Muy bueno! [Flaix FM | Spain]
"[Make] a little love" is a pretty cool tune again - the 3 remixes as well. Now we're awaiting their album! [Radio Arezzo Wave | Italy]